Why UAV battery price be increased every year in China?

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China UAV battery price has been increased?

UAV battery

UAV battery

what’s the reason?

Hello funs, this is IATA power from CXJ RC battery OEM lithium battery factory. With over 10 years experience in lithium industry. For sure you will the question like: the RC battery price has increased again? what’s happening? what should we do?

We know the lithium battery cost has a big change every year. All the suppliers and oversea customers confused it. But we have no other method to solve it. Because that’s government and country limitation. Recent years, Chinese start to manage environment protection. Crack down the battery factory from sewage processing system to factory environment. Many factory has to renew decorate factory. These parts increase the battery material original cost .

uav battery uav battery

How you will hold this issue?

In 2018, the Chinese Money and US dollar exchange with big different than before. Above all make the battery cost increase. So today we would like to explain to all RC UAV battery funs what’s the reasons and understand the supplier quotation if you don’t like it. And if you have any needs in UAV battery recently, please consider to place the order as soon as possible. Because the battery material cost are continue increasing.

What you pay what you get, IATA power battery still insist producing high quality battery to protect your Drones with long and lasting flying time. Thanks for your time to read our article, we will continue to renew the news for you. And if you have time come to China, warmly welcome to contact us for visit our MYTOPBATTERY company and factory, and all your interested about Chinese.

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