Introduction of Model aircraft batteries

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Model aircraft batteries for lithium polymer batteries, lithium-ion polymer battery commonly named with 6 or 7 digits, said thickness/width/height respectively, such as PL6567100 said thickness is 6.5 mm, width is 67 mm, height is 100 mm of lithium-ion polymer battery, which PL said the battery is a polymer category.
Introduction :
Lithium-ion polymer battery production process generally adopts laminated flexible packaging, so the size change is very flexible and convenient, model is relatively more. Relatively, compared with previous battery, high energy, miniaturization, lightweight, is a kind of chemical properties of the battery. In shape, lithium polymer battery with ultra-thin characteristics, can fit the need of some products, made into some shape and capacity of the battery. This kind of battery, in theory, the minimum thickness of 0.5 mm. Mainly used in lithium-ion batteries, model aircraft aircraft series toys with high rate, safety, etc.
Basic knowledge of RC battery
Battery voltage is in volts (V). Nominal voltage only manufacturers are labelled according to the national standard, in fact use when the battery voltage is changing. Such as the nominal voltage of 1.2 V nimh batteries, charge voltage of 1.5 V, protection after the discharge voltage of 1.1 V. Nominal voltage is 3.7 V lithium polymer battery, charge voltage of 4.2 V, the protection of the voltage of 3.6 V after discharge. In the process of actual use, the battery voltage will produce pressure drop, this is the load and battery by a related, that is to say the battery with the load, the greater the current, the greater the battery voltage is small, after removing the load voltage can also be restored to a certain value of the battery.

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