About Lithium Iron Battery Pack, Do You Know These Knowledge?

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lithium iron battery pack are lithium-ion secondary batteries. One of its main uses is as a power battery. It has great advantages over NI-MH and Ni-Cd batteries.

The charging and discharging efficiency of lithium iron battery pack is relatively high, and the charging and discharging efficiency can reach more than 90% in the case of rate discharge. The lead-acid battery is about 80%.

The Battery advantages:

The P-O bond in the lithium iron phosphate crystal is stable and difficult to decompose. Even at high temperature or overcharge, it will not collapse and generate heat like lithium cobalt oxide or form strong oxidizing substances, so it has good safety.

The cycle life of a long-life lead-acid battery is about 300 times, and the highest is 500 times, while the cycle life of a lithium iron battery pack is more than 2000 times, and it can be used for 2000 times with a standard charge (5 hour rate).

The peak value of lithium iron phosphate electric heating can reach 350℃-500℃, while lithium manganate and lithium cobaltate are only around 200℃. Wide operating temperature range (-20C–+75C), with high temperature resistance, lithium iron phosphate electric heating peak can reach 350℃-500℃, while lithium manganate and lithium cobaltate are only around 200℃.

Rechargeable batteries work under conditions that are often fully charged and not discharged, and their capacity will quickly fall below the rated capacity. This phenomenon is called the memory effect. Like nickel-metal hydride and nickel-cadmium batteries, there is memory, but lithium iron phosphate batteries do not have this phenomenon. No matter what state the battery is in, it can be charged and used without having to discharge it first.

The battery is generally considered to be free of any heavy metals and rare metals (nickel-metal hydride batteries require rare metals), non-toxic (SGS certification), non-polluting, in line with European RoHS regulations, and is an absolute green battery certificate.

It has a larger capacity than ordinary batteries (lead-acid, etc.). 5AH-1000AH (single)

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