Lithium Ion Polymer Rechargeable Battery For Outdoor Audio Solution

Lithium Ion Polymer Rechargeable Battery For Outdoor Audio Solution

Mytopbattery lithium ion polymer rechargeable battery now also passionate about support of voice wearables to deliver new experiences in the way your work, play, and explore!

Recently we deliver a customized 3.7v 600mAh lithium ion polymer battery for Europe customer. This battery finished by very high level quality standard, battery passed UN38.3&MSDS, CB certification.

Our engineer team immediately start evaluate work since got client inquiry. Considering custmer product work enviroment and battery space limited, we recommend suitable Lipo material battery for customer, after about 1 month negotiation, we won this project with professional industry advice and reasonable price.

Compared with ordinary lithium-ion batteries, polymer batteries have the following advantages:
1: No battery leakage problem, no liquid electrolyte inside, using colloidal solid
2: The capacity is twice that of a lithium-ion battery of the same size
3: The battery can be bent and deformed, and the polymer battery can be bent at a maximum of about 90
4: The battery can be designed into a variety of shapes

BMS, we chose imported SEIKO brand IC for battery circuit protection. Battery BMS protection include:
1: charge&discharge protection
2: Over-charge&Over-discharge protection
3: Over-current protection
4: short circuit protection
5: Temperature protection

The batteries are packaged professionally and safely, and delivered to customers by the safest and fastest express channel.

lithium ion polymer rechargeable battery

where to purchase Lithium polymer battery? Please consider Mytopbattery.

Customized high-quality lithium battery pack is our advantage, we can provide any battery quality standard you want, as long as you contact us:


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