How to match mini RC battery for your mini drones?

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Do you know how to choose suitable mini rc battery for your drone?

mini RC battery

Recently more and more fans feedback us some questions. As a new player doesn’t know how to choose suitable mini rc battery for their lovely drones. Today IATA power will introduce the notice how to choose mini rc battery for your small drones.

3.7v 240mah mini rc battery

The notice of new player!

For new player who don’t know everything about the battery. You just take picture to the supplier. Generally in the battery surface will print some specification of the battery. For example 651723 3.7V battery. 651723 is one code in the battery industry which represent the battery size: 23*17*6.5mm (L*W*T) Generally the discharged rate is 20C /25C for this type of small drones.

mini rc battery pack

The size of the battery of small drones are very important. Because small drone battery are installed inside of drones. So the battery space are stable.

Another method, you can tell your drone model names to your supplier. Generally the supplier knows all kinds of drone models, so they could recommend suitable battery for you.

At last, we suggest players to choose many batteries on time. Because this battery capacity are very small with less capacity: 150mah 700mah higher reach to 1200mAh. The flying time is about 3-4 minutes. You could purchase one set of battery: one charger with 5 pcs batteries. This type of charger can charge 5pcs batteries together.

B6 80W mini rc battery

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