Are you using the right RC drone batteries in different drone?

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RC drone batteries

CXJ power specialized in uav battery,the good one supplier of high discharged rate lithium battery powered for quadcopeter, helicopter, FPV race drone, race car and planting drone etc. The highest capacity is 22Ah(22000mAh) and discharged at 25C-65C.

Today glad to introduce some different type and different function drone to you. Thanks for your stop by and read it.


FPV racing drone: Generally uses a small RC drone batteries like 1500mAh or even smaller capacity. But some player in order to do some difficult actions, so will use high discharged rate battery: 25C ~ 65C. So the current will be high to power actions (capacity* discharged rate= current) Race batteries are usually smaller between 1300 and 1800 mah which is why such a short time. 2200mah can give between 7 and 12 minutes if you aren’t racing and flying at max rpms but they are heavier and usually not used for a race situation. 45c or better for racing and freestyle 35c or better for just learning and regular practice.

rc drone batteries

rc drone batteries


Planting Drone: Now many farmers use drone to help them to do homework. Such as use drone to plant tree, spray pesticide etc. Will improve working efficiency than human working. However because of the drone and RC drone batteries cost reason, still some place didn’t introduce this technology. This type of drone will use high capacity lithium rc battery: 22000mAh -25C 22.2V lipo battery. One piece battery will be last 10-15minutes so that if you want to insist working the whole day, farmer need bring many piece of batteries .

rc drone batteries

rc drone batteries

In the market with many different type drone, RC battery supply will give you more latest news about UAV. Hope you can stay tuned for the next news thanks. If you have any question please feel free to contact us!

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