How To Charge 4s Lipo Battery

How To Charge 4s Lipo Battery?

Lithium polymer battery (Li-polymer, also known as polymer lithium battery). It has many obvious advantages such as high energy density, smaller size, ultra-thinness, light weight, high safety and low cost. It is a new type of battery. In terms of shape, lithium polymer batteries have ultra-thin characteristics, and can be made into batteries of any shape and capacity to meet the needs of various products. The minimum thickness that this type of battery can achieve can reach 0.5mm.

The precautions for the charging of the polymer lithium battery are as follows:

  1. When charging for the first time, it is guaranteed to be fully charged within 5-6 hours. Because the polymer lithium battery has not been charged and discharged when it is not used from the factory, the charging time should not be too long.
  2. When charging for the first time, do not let the polymer lithium battery to be completely dead. Under normal circumstances, the power of the new polymer lithium battery will not be too much or too little. When the power of the polymer lithium battery shows the last grid, it is ready to be charged.
  3. When charging for the second time, you can choose a deep discharge, and then perform a long-term charging. This charging can last for 8-9 or even 10 hours, in order to allow the chemical reaction of the ternary polymer lithium battery to perform a complete charging cycle.
  4. When buying a polymer lithium battery, you should choose a lithium battery manufacturer with guaranteed quality, and don’t buy inferior products because you are greedy for cheap.
  5. The charging time should be well controlled, preferably no more than 8 hours. Overcharging will lead to a shorter service life of the polymer lithium battery, and it may also cause the voltage to be too negative.
  6. When charging the polymer lithium battery, choose the original special charger to avoid affecting or damaging the polymer lithium battery
  7. The charging time of the polymer lithium battery should not be too long. When using an ordinary charger to charge, when the polymer lithium battery is fully charged, it needs to stop charging immediately to prevent the polymer lithium battery from heating or overheating to affect the performance of the battery.

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