Hidden IPhone Function: Surf the Internet by Plugging Cable

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Maybe you are already confused as soon as you see the title, I feel very good using my cellphone to get on the internet, too lazy to insert the net line to computer, what does it mean to plug a cable to the cellphone? Actually, it is a hidden iPhone function.

However, iPhone indeed adds such a function for IOS equipment, in the latest system, iPhone places a extremely secret option in network setting, certainly, the option will not be displayed until you do something.

hidden iPhone function

Establish the wired connection

When the Ethernet adapters which is compatible with the port of iPhone Lightning connect the cable through USB3 interface, the system will identify automatically the wired connection, and the preferences settings option of Ethernet will appear below the Wi-Fi option.

hidden iPhone function

Ethernet setting option appears after connecting

Perhaps 90 percent of people have never heard of the hidden iPhone function, maybe the existence of this function is confusing, but the developer of Apple App Steve Troughton-Smith thinks that perhaps the function is useful for people who often use cable to connect the web device, for the great majority of the time, the function is provided for the developer, this is why iPhone chooses to hide the option in system.

As a matter of fact, IOS system carried by iPhone could get on the internet through the wired connection of Ethernet, which has been discovered long time ago, but there has never been the relevant options in system, therefore, the function is almost in a corner being forgotten, being forgotten is also normal.

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