From Writing Brush to IFlytek, A British Man Narrates the Legend of Chinese Writing

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Hey guys, welcome to our website, this article will narrate a story about Chinese writing tools told by a British man Greg Fountain.

Chinese writing

Chinese writing


As a non-Chinese who are interested in Chinese culture, Greg Fountain has been researching how to write Chinese characters well all the time.

Would like to write beautifully, besides practicing every day, you must be familiar with various writing tools.

Today our story starts from here.


Firstly, you need to master the usage of writing brush, the most ancient Chinese writing tools.

“maobi” is a traditional Chinese writing tools, it has been used by Chinese to write and paint for thousands of years.

The invention of “maobi” can be traced back to Qin dynasty, and there is an interesting story about it.

Legend has it that the “maobi” was invented during the Qin Dynasty by a general, after he realized that rabbit hair could be used to write with.

Chinese writing

Chinese writing


“It’s possible to write effortlessly with this sort of brush, but the key is to master the basics, and then practice a lot. “ Greg Fountain said.

As for Chinese, practise writing with “maobi” can not only help to write good Chinese character, but can cultivate the mind.

Chinese writing

Chinese writing



In the early 20th century, fountain pen was introduced into China, from then on, writing became easier.

The short body, delicate appearance and convenient function of absorbing water make fountain pen a well-received writing tools.

Chinese writing

Chinese writing

They were rather expensive and owning one was a symbol of status.

Third-grade primary school students are allowed to use fountain pen, at that time, fountain pen is a precious item, you can even feel differently writing with it.

Do you still remember the first ” hero brand” fountain pen you have ever used?

Chinese writing

Chinese writing

A small fountain pen carries too much memory of school days.


After fountain pen, ball-point pen appeared on the stage of history.

After China’s reform and opening-up, the pen manufacturing industry suddenly exploded. Ballpoint pens replaced their more expensive counterparts and became a common writing tool for many Chinese.

Now, China is the world’s largest manufacturer of ballpoint pens producing over 40 billion of them per year.

Producing one of these ballpoint pen tips requires precise measurements down to one thousandth of a millimeter, and a specific type of high quality stainless steel.

At the beginning of 2017, China’s Taiyuan Iron and Steel Group successfully developed the technology to produce the metal required. This marked an important step in the upgrading of Chinese industry. Finally, the country could produce it own pen tips.

Taiyuan Iron and Steel (Group) Co plans to mass-produce ballpoint pen tips and replace imports in two years.

The group has spent five years on research and development to acquire the technology, ending a long-term Chinese reliance on imported pen tips.

Without this technology, China’s pen manufacturers, which produce 38 billion ballpoint pens per year, have had to purchase the crucial component from overseas markets, costing the industry $17.3 million a year, according to the China National Light Industry Council.

For the nation’s army and navy, TISCO’s materials proved essential in the making of the latest series of destroyers, frigates and minesweepers. It is the only qualified Chinese supplier of low-magnetic steel for warships.

China successfully launched its first cargo spacecraft Tianzhou-1 on April 20 using the Long March-7 Y2 rocket as a carrier with various components made using its products. TISCO had played a key role in the building of the Long March-7 Y1 rocket, the predecessor to the Y2 and an important milestone in Chinese rocket science history.


With the development of science and technology, keyboards made its debut, which has changed the writing style of most Chinese.

Keyboards, whether physical or virtual, have now overtaken pens and brushes, and given people an even more convenient method of writing down their thoughts and ideas.

China’s iFlytek voice recognition program has an accuracy rate of over 97%, all you need to do is speak, and your words turn into text. It even does real-time translations.

China excels at using big data, algorithms and artificial intelligence to make voice recognition software.

The Made in China 2025 initiative promotes the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, but also strives to achieve a renewed sense of global industrial development.

China is on its way to becoming a global leader. And I hope that it succeeds in realizing its Made-in-China dream.

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