Does The Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Are Safe?

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Many people wonder if it is safe to use lithium iron phosphate battery? This issue should be discussed from three aspects: material, structural stability, production process, charge and discharge characteristics.

Material&Production Process &Charge Discharge

First, lithium iron phosphate is currently the safest starting material for lithium-ion batteries, excluding any heavy metal elements that are harmful to the human body.

Second, the production process of LiFePO4 battery is generally the same as lithium battery varieties, and its core processes are Mixing, Coating, Rolling, Cutting and Winding. In the mixing process, lithium iron phosphate material has relatively poor conductivity, so the particles are generally made smaller. The effect of this is to enable the internal arrangement more uniform and promote it to form a balanced voltage platform, which can keep the state of the battery stable during work.

Last, when the lithium iron phosphate battery is charged/discharged, it will not emit oxygen because the iron ion has a poor ability to oxidize. In this way, it is difficult to have a redox reaction with the electrolyte, which makes the lithium iron phosphate battery in a very sheltered environment when charging/discharging. Lithium iron phosphate batteries are not only discharged at a large rate, but also during the overcharge/discharge process, it is difficult to occur a violent redox reaction. In addition, the lithium iron phosphate battery can keep the physical structure stable during charge/discharge, eliminating the hidden danger of battery explosion caused by the increase in volume.


The thermal stability of lithium iron phosphate battery is currently the best among automotive lithium batteries. When the temperature of the lithium iron phosphate battery is at a high temperature of 500-600 ° C, the internal chemical components begin to decompose. When the lithium cobaltate battery of a lithium battery is at 180-250 ° C, its internal chemical composition is already in an unstable state.

In conclusion: the safety of lithium iron phosphate battery is currently the highest among lithium batteries. Because of this, lithium iron phosphate batteries have gradually become one of the main choices for electric vehicle batteries.

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