What Are Lifepo4 Battery Pack Used For?

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lifepo4 battery pack

From the point of view of lifepo4 battery application, lithium iron phosphate is suitable for scenarios where large space is available, large-volume batteries are installed, high safety performance is required, and uninterrupted operation is required for a long time. The current application areas of lifepo4 battery include new energy vehicles, energy storage, 5G base stations, two-wheeled vehicles, heavy trucks, electric ships and other fields.


The energy storage field currently uses more than 94% of lifepo4 battery pack, including new products and cascade batteries, which are mainly used in UPS, backup power supply, and communication energy storage. In addition, the application of lifepo4 battery pack in 5G base stations has also shown rapid growth, opening up new market opportunities.


The future development of the electric ship market is expected to be good, and the applications in this field are currently all lifepo4 battery pack; in the two-wheeler battery swap market, lifepo4 battery pack are also beginning to be used in small quantities.

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