UAV and RC battery guideline (1)

  1. The new guidelines.
    A: first of all, according to individual hobby, ability and level of financial resources to do a self-assessment, decided to proceed with the direction of the ship model, such as fixed wing, straight machine, multi-axis, fixed wing entry is relatively simple, straight machine is more difficult, more axis due to the flight control and GPS stabilization technology progress, in the case of high input, low personal technical requirements also.Rc planes, unlike toy plane, have a higher risk, pleasepay attertion.
  2. How high the plane can fly?
    A: the height of the rc aircraft according to the basic type and the use of material and dynamic comprehensive decision, generally 0-1000 m is no problem, generally think highly fixed-wing helicopter multiaxial .
  3.  How far is the plane can fly?
    A: the aircraft flight distance, mainly is decided by two factors, its energy and the distance can be manipulated, and generally 0-20000 meters, but most of the time people will fly in within 500 meters, because can see the plane’s attitude in this range.
  4. How much is the plane?
    A: how much is the plane, mainly depends on the use of fuselage material electrical power equipment, a set of excluding receiver can fly sets of machines, hand to common bubble machine (1-1.4 m wingspan), price is in commonly 300-300 yuan.A helicopter (level 450), the price is in 450-3000 yuan.Multi-axis (four axle wheelbase 450), the price is in commonly 600-5000 yuan.
  5. This type of power?
    A: common power combination is generally motor drive screw, with methanol or other mixture as fuel or gasoline internal combustion engine drive propeller, or motor drive bypass fan form high speed air flow, combustion pressure inside the engine or form a high-speed stream of propulsion, niche and use a rubber band power, or unpowered hang gliding.

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