Basic knowledge of Lipo Battery and how to take care

Here we are to know the basic knowledge of Lipo battery.

First of all, do you know what is mean of 3S4P?

3 represents the number of series cells in the pack also means it’s a 3 cell pack. 4 means the number of cells in parallel. So a 3S4P pack has a total of 12 cells inside. It will have the voltage of any other 3S pack since the number of cells in series determines the voltage. It will have the current handling of 4 times the maximum C rating of the 12 individual cells. So say our 3S4P pack had a maximum discharge of 6C. That means that it has a nominal voltage of 10.8 volts (3×3.6).

Then let us talk about care and handle issue of battery priory to using it.

Only use a lithium poylmer battery charger set to 2Cells 7.4V.
Do not allow the pack voltage to exceed a maximum of 4.21V per cell.
Do not charge unattended or leave charging in a flammable enviroment.
Do not exceed current draw ratings, max fast charge rate 2C.
Do not discharge below 3.0V per cell .Avoid exceeding 60 degrees centigrade.
Avoid charging in freezing temperatures, optimum charge temperature20-25℃
Store long term at 3.4V per cell. Avoid unnecessary charge cycling
See additional Safety Instructions and Warnings on back label of battery.

The topic turn to Charging RC LiPo Batteries

the three main things that shorten LiPo battery life are over-discharging, heat, and inadequate balancing.

Balancing ensures all cells are always within about 0.01-0.03 volts per cell so over charging or discharging of one or more cells won’t ruin your battery pack, or worse become a safety issue from overcharging a cell.

You don’t have to balance your RC LiPo battery pack each time you charge it. Most will agree every 10th to 20th time is fine with a healthy battery pack. The problem is knowing if your pack is healthy, cells in older packs may become unstable? As far as I am concerned,

if you have a good balancer or balancing charger, use it at every charge, or at least at every 2nd charge. That might be overkill, but if it prevents a damaged battery or fire just once, well, you decide.

Lipo’s can be balanced while charging the pack through the balance plug with a balancing charger. This method uses the charger to individually charge each cell and ensure the voltages are the same in each cell as they charge. The above picture shows a dedicated 3 cell charger charging a 3 cell RC LiPo battery through the balancing plug/tap.

The limitation here is the maximum charge rate. Since the gauge of balance plug wiring is small, this method only works on smaller LiPo’s or charge rates not much higher then 2.5 amps maximum. A good clue if you are pushing too many amps through the balance leads would be a warm/hot balance plug/wiring.

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